More Ways to Chat With Four Seasons

With chat apps trending and conversational commerce on the rise, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has expanded its multi-channel Chat service with the recent addition of WhatsApp.

Since its launch, Four Seasons Chat has exchanged more than 3.5 million messages, allowing guests to connect with real people on property in real time, for any need, creating more opportunities to personalize the travel experience.

“The guest experience is our top priority, whether on property or when engaging with our brand digitally,” said Christian Clerc, president, Worldwide Hotel Operations, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “Four Seasons looks at things first and foremost through a human lens in our approach to effective and meaningful connection with our guests. Integrating new technology as part of our celebrated Chat service adds further value at each touchpoint in the travel journey and paves the path to our continued growth and innovation in the mobile space.”