MSC Cruises Picks PUNCH Canada

PUNCH Canada has been appointed the Canadian public relations agency for MSC Cruises. It will support MSC Cruises’ Canadian office in Mississauga and it will be responsible for managing and leading MSC Cruises’ media relations and communications in Canada.

PUNCH Canada will represent MSC Cruises in the Canadian market and work closely with media to ensure this year’s exciting announcements, ship launches, and much more are shared with Canadians.

MSC Cruises is the only major cruise line in Canada to have a distinct, physical office space that’s bilingual and caters to the Canadians’ travel preferences.

MSC Cruises is the world’s third largest cruise brand as well as the leader in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Southern Africa, with more market share in addition to deployed capacity than any other cruise line. In addition, Geneva-headquartered MSC Cruises is also the fastest growing global cruise brand with a strong presence in the Caribbean, North America, and far east markets.

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