MTB Celebrates Day Of The Dead

The Mexico Tourism Board paid tribute during a Friday Toronto gathering to a long-running Mexican tribute.

The board held an event showcasing the country’s Day of the Dead celebration, which has Mexicans paying tribute to deceased family members during the fall and has its roots in pre-Columbian times.

“It’s one of the traditions that makes us proud,” Cesar Mendoza of the board’s Toronto office told the gathering.

The tradition, which can include lighting candles in cemeteries and burning incense, is stronger in some states than others, with residents of Michoacan and Oaxaca among those particularly committed to the practice.

Michele Martinson of Aeromexico’s Toronto office also praised “this beautiful…tradition.”

Mendoza noted the Day of the Dead has been declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Among those on hand for the event were Gabriela Enriquez of Exotic Destinations; Gonzalo Moreno of Moreno Travel; Mexican consul-general in Toronto Porferio Thierry Munoz Ledo; Mendoza; Cesar Alvarenga of Aeromexico; Yvette Astorga of Mezcal People; Christabel Sundram of Exclusive Tours; and Martinson.

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