mywurld Launches Hotel, Excursion Booking Engines


mywurld has launched the mywurld hotel and excursion programs allowing mywurld travel agents from around the world to leverage world-class content and maximize their commissions on every customer. Each resulting confirmation is delivered on the mywurld itinerary platform, enabling the travel agent to earn additional commissions on all bookable products.

mywurld travel agents can either book the content directly on the booking interfaces on the mywurld Travel Agent Desktop, or simply create an itinerary for their GDS air bookings, and add hotel, transfers and excursion content into the created itinerary which they can then send to their customer. The customer can now book the content directly on each itinerary with all the accrued commissions flowing seamlessly back to the mywurld travel agent.

In support of the new Travel Agent Desktop, the Dutch VOIP company, RingCredible, has partnered with mywurld to provide a 20% perpetual revenue stream for travel agents who have each been assigned a unique identity code to share with their clients. As an added incentive, each traveler will receive an additional 30% in extra credits upon sign up.

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