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NACTA: Criteria for membership increased

NACTA (National Association of Career Travel Agents) has raised its criteria for accepting only those career travel agents who are established and actively selling travel to the public. NACTA rolled out its new online application on March 6, with the application process including the following new requirements: !!! The applicant must be a professional travel agent who actively sells retail travel to the general public. !!! The applicant must be in compliance with all government, federal, state and local laws, including relevant state seller of travel laws. !!! The applicant must certify that his or her business has Errors & Omissions insurance coverage. !!! And provide a valid booking identification number or travel seller number. Enforcing the above requirements will allow NACTA to continue to grow its membership with quality professional travel agents. “We have clearly set ourselves apart from other associations by adding the new membership criteria,”said Ann van Leeuwen, vice-president of NACTA “We are also recognizing the professionalism of the current members who are in the business of selling travel.””With the changing landscape and more travel professionals based remotely in home offices it is critical that the associations they join raise their image and credibility and support the growth of their business. I must compliment NACTA and particularly the leadership of Ann van Leeuwen, for working tirelessly to improve the overall credibility of NACTA with these recent membership changes,”said Chris Austin, vice-president of Global Retail Leisure & Luxury Sales. (

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