NACTA Warns of Fraudulent Bills


The National Association of Career Travel Agents is warning independent travel consultants across Canada to watch for fake payment demand e-mails that look like bills from IATA.

This type of fraud has picked up again throughout North America, according to Ann van Leeuwen (pictured), president of NACTA, and can severely harm the bottom line of an agency or, particularly, an independent travel consultant who pays a phony invoice.

Fraudsters issue fake payment demands in e-mails to travel agents sent from a number of e-mail domain names or addresses, such as “” that appear to be from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The criminals also make demands by telephone, saying the agent owes outstanding amounts that must be paid quickly to avoid the consequences.

To establish their identities, the fraudsters even use names similar or identical to those of IATA officials. Fake invoices often bear the official IATA logo, and staff names and “new” bank account information is provided so payments will be routed to the con artists.

To avoid falling victim, NACTA advises an independent agent with a host agency should contact that host upon receiving such a demand. Other consultants should make certain any bill is legitimate and is owed. Be wary of requests to update bank account information. Check e-mail domain names at to see if any are known to be fraudulent.