Nanaimo-Edmonton Flights Resume In October

Direct flights between Nanaimo and Edmonton are coming back, thanks to Nanaimo Airport’s strategic business relationships and investment from WestJet.

WestJet Encore will resume the service starting on Oct. 30.

Flights between the two cities will run three times a week, on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays. The airport has worked closely with WestJet to get the service restarted.

Nanaimo Airport President and CEO Dave Devana said: “We’re very pleased that our close working relationships with our airline partners continue to expand the travelling choices for the communities we serve.”

Devana continued: “Service to Edmonton has been a popular request among our customers. WestJet recognizes the potential and is showing confidence in our airport, and our regional economy, by investing in this route.”

Central Island travellers can connect to many global destinations from Edmonton International Airport. They can leave their homes here in the morning and arrive at their destination later that day, making Nanaimo Airport their gateway to the world.

John Weatherill, WestJet executive vice-president and chief commercial officer, said that: “Restoring direct service between Edmonton and Nanaimo is another positive step in the rebuild of our network as we solidify WestJet as the reliable, friendly and affordable airline we are known to be.”

The airport continues to work to attract even more routes. A five-year capital project plan will see millions of dollars in new infrastructure and improvements, creating new jobs and business opportunities.

Devana concluded: “Our investments help ensure we can meet the demand for air travel for the next generation. We’re already seeing a recovery as the country rebounds from the pandemic and travel restrictions.”