Navacord Enters Specialty Travel Insurance Space

Navacord Corp. has announced a new partnership – its first of 2023 – with Travel Guardian Insurance, AwayCare Ltd., and Colibri Assurance Voyage.

With offices in Ontario, Quebec, BC and Alberta, this group of companies operated by Tim Beaulieu, Chairman, and Ryan Beaulieu, President, is well-known for their specialization in travel insurance, as well as home and auto insurance offerings.

Tim Beaulieu, Chairman of Travel Guardian, AwayCare and Colibri, said: “We are proud to be the pathway for Navacord as they expand their presence in the travel insurance sector.”

He continued: “The travel insurance industry requires specialized levels of knowledge, care and effort to operate exceptionally. We are confident we can continue to grow Navacord’s expertise, and our business in this area, with our partnership.”

Since being taken over by Tim Beaulieu and Ryan Beaulieu, the Travel Guardian, AwayCare and Colibri group has grown to be one of the largest travel insurance brokers in Canada.

T. Marshall Sadd, Executive Chairman, Navacord, said: “This partnership marks a significant step for Navacord, not only because it is our first in 2023, but also because this group allows us to deepen our expertise in travel insurance and create new offerings for our broker partners and clients across Canada.”

Shawn DeSantis, President and CEO, Navacord, noted that: “Travel Guardian, AwayCare and Colibri stood out to us because they have demonstrated substantial business growth both organically and through their own partnerships, and understand what it takes to diversify and develop.”

Navacord looks forward to advancing their operations in various niche markets and expects its growth in these areas to continue at a steadfast pace throughout 2023.