New ACTA Video Explores BIPOC Travel Experiences

ACTA has created a video of a recent roundtable discussion with some members of ACTA’s diversity and inclusion working group and Canada’s travel and tourism sector.

Avery Campbell, Director, Advocacy & Industry Relations, ACTA, said: “This video explores the stories of Black, Indigenous, or Peoples of Colour (BIPOC) professionals’ experiences when they travel — and helps travel agents learn more about BIPOC travellers to enhance a travel agent’s business.”

A quarter of Canadians identify as BIPOC. By learning about BIPOC travel experiences, travel agents are better positioned to build more rewarding trips and sell to a wider customer base.

ACTA is committed to building a culture of diversity and inclusion internally and throughout the industry.

To enhance travel agents’ understanding and education, ACTA offers the Canadian Travel and Tourism industry online Diversity and Inclusion training courses on its website. ACTA Members receive up to 30% savings.

The roundtable panel is hosted by Avery Campbell, ACTA’s Director of Advocacy and Industry Relations, and joined by:

  • Alcindor Pierre, an independent travel agent with The Travel Agent Next Door
  • Maureen Barnes-Smith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Unique Vacations
  • Teresa Ryder, Director of Partnerships at the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada

You can watch the panel discussion video at