Agents' Choice 2020

New gateway from Farelogix

Farelogix has launched its new Airline Commerce Gateway — a comprehensive airline distribution technology platform that enables airlines to easily, efficiently, and dynamically deliver content, including custom-tailored product offers, to travellers across multiple distribution outlets and customer touchpoints. Powered by the next generation of Farelogix’s distribution technology, the Gateway’s robust, airline-controlled commerce environment combines five essential components: XML Host Connectivity (Direct Connect), an independent pricing engine (Virtual Fare Store), a highly versatile merchandising system (FMS2), a distribution rules engine (Distribution Manager), and an XML API (Gateway API). As an integrated solution, the Gateway serves as an airlineÆs delivery vehicle for customers shopping in both direct and indirect channels, including mobile devices and kiosks. Jim Davidson, president and CEO of Farelogix, commented: “The Airline Commerce Gateway is the logical next step in the evolution of airlines moving from commodity sellers to bona fide retailers. As airlines embrace more sophisticated customer engagement by dynamically and instantaneously matching available content with each customer request or trip status, the need for a centralized airline commerce environment becomes obvious. The Gateway is an industry breakthrough as it’s the first solution to integrate and optimize industry leading distribution technology engines into a single, “out-of-the-box” solution that can serve all airline sales outlets, including the fast growing mobile channel.” By optimizing for mobile, the Farelogix Airline Commerce Gateway makes it possible for airlines to ensure uninterrupted and consistent customer engagement throughout the trip, whether a traveller is checking-in, upgrading a seat, purchasing inflight Wi-Fi, or taking advantage of any other flight or airport-related services. The Gateway is also the first technology platform to enable PNR (Passenger Name Record) self-service, including ticket changes and exchanges, ancillary purchases, and airline-generated passenger recovery options. Go to .

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