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New Guide Helps Travellers Discover Japan

The Japan National Tourism Organization has released a brochure detailing the varied experiences that await those visiting Japan.

The booklet is a guide to 100 quintessential Japanese experiences to fill a traveller’s bucket list. Destinations selected by a committee of experts are catalogued within seven categories of interest to visitors and in which Japan and its people excel – Tradition; Outdoors; Cuisine; Cities; Nature; Art and Relaxation.

The Japanese archipelago stretches to include regional cultures, natural splendours and man-made wonders both old and new. Visitors can immerse themselves in these hands-on experiences through idyllic villages, virgin forests, ancient temples, modern art museums, fine restaurants and lush gardens that stimulate the heart and senses.

Among detailed experiences are an evening with an authentic geiko in a teahouse, seen as the height of Japanese hospitality; becoming a ninja for a day at the 48 Falls of Akame, training site for the famed Iga ninja clan in the 15th and 16th centuries; living like a Japanese Buddhist monk while enjoying views of Mt. Fuji; experiencing the ascetic life at one of Japan’s most historic Zen Buddhist temples; having an English-speaking guide lead you through a historic castle in the heart of Kyoto; swooshing down the snowy slopes of a volcano; exploring a primeval forest; whitewater rafting; enjoying a dog-sledding adventure in the Gunma Mountains; learning the art of Japanese cuisine from a true master; exploring Japan by luxury train; and exploring Osaka by houseboat.

The JNTO can be reached by calling 416-366-7140.


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