NEW HOME: WestJet Encore picks Calgary

WestJet has announced that Calgary will be home to WestJet Encore’s headquarters. According to officials, the decision was made after a thorough review of various airports and a variety of factors. With consideration to the operational needs of WestJet Encore during its initial launch phase and as it grows to full maturity, Calgary was determined to be the best fit for the airline and its people. WestJet and the Calgary Airport Authority will conduct a joint study to determine the exact location of an anticipated 40,000-square-foot maintenance facility and office space. Its specific location will be announced once a final decision is made. WestJetters who will provide corporate support to WestJet Encore will be located in WestJet’s LEED Gold certified campus building, also located in Calgary. The location of the headquarters will not determine where the airline’s operations will begin next year. As previously communicated, a list of the first communities to be served by WestJet Encore will be announced in early 2013 with eventual service from coast to coast. (