New Look For Visit Philadelphia Site

VISIT PHILADELPHIA has rolled a look website. The site is designed to inspire people to visit Philadelphia, motivate them to stay longer and encourage its more than 1 million monthly users to do more in Philadelphia And The Countryside.

The site is one of the most successful and highly used destination websites in the country, with more than 100 million web visits since 2010.

Meryl Levitz, president and CEO of VISIT PHILADELPHIA, said: “We know from research that visits to our websites convert into real-life Philadelphia experiences. The changes to make it easier than ever for visitors to find more reasons to visit and more things to do.”

James Zale, vice-president of digital strategy for VISIT PHILADELPHIA, noted that: “People are using destination’s websites differently than they used to, so our goal with this redesign was to build a future-facing website that delivers a compelling, inspiring and uncomplicated user experience.”

And Zale added: “On the new site, we’re deploying evolved digital strategies for reaching visitors and we”re better equipped to efficiently adapt to changes in the future.”

New elements on the site include cinematic design and visuals; refined content strategy; simplified navigation; more Blog integration; and other features.

To check out the changes, go to .