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New Look Tianguis Topples Records

Mexico Tourism Show Attracts 1,500 Buyers From 60 Countries


Likely the largest Tianguis Turistico Mexico in recent history is now underway, with buyer numbers being tabulated that topple the count from 2013.

Tianguis Turisticio 2014 has attracted about 1,500 buyers from 60 countries, smashing the count of some 700 set last year, when Tianguis was held in Puebla. This 39th edition of the annual trade fair and conference is taking place in the Mayan Riviera, at the Lakam Convention Centre, where exhibitors from all across Mexico are stationed.

The day before they started doing business, Mexico’s president Enrique Pena Nieto welcomed delegates with news that the country was spending US$180 million on tourism infrastructure improvements at its leisure destinations. As well, Roberto Borge Angulo, governor of the state of Quintana Roo, reported that the attendance number of buyers at Tianguis 2014 had far surpassed expectations.

President Nieto also told attendees that Tianguis would continue to move around the country to different city locations, after many years of operating in Acapulco. Last year´s show in Puebla was preceded by the 2012 edition in Puerto Vallarta. But the president also announced that the 2015 Tianguis would be held in Acapulco, in order to fittingly pay tribute to the 40th anniversary of the trade fair and conference.


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