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UPDATED New Outlook For Discover America Canada

Discover America Canada gathered in Toronto yesterday (July 12) for a update by the Canadian Tourism Research Institute’s (CTRI) Jennifer Hendry on the outlook for the outbound leisure travel market from Canada in 2017.

Hendry told her audience at the Globe & Mail Centre that the good news is that there are signs of recovery for outbound leisure travel to the US.

However, she also cautioned that the sluggishness of the global economy is affecting the performance of the Canadian economy.

In this respect, she noted that right now the main driver of economic growth here is coming from Canadian households rather than business investment.

And Hendry said that the lack of business investment will limit future growth.

As for travel, Hendry’s key points included:

  • Overall, summer travel activity looks promising
  • Outbound travel intentions higher than previous years
  • Plans to vacation in U.S. down, but arrivals in some states similar to last year
  • Growth in non-auto travel boosting U.S. trips
  • Many overseas destinations expected to perform well
  • New capacity in Europe and Asia supporting growth
  • Economic growth is expected in key geographic markets of Ontario, Quebec, and BC
  • Older Canadians and immigrant population boosting overseas trips

As for the numbers, the summer outlook indicates that Canadian leisure travellers will grow by around 0.7%, however, overseas leisure trips will be up by 3.6% .

Remembering Ann

Ann Fairley was remembered at yesterday’s meeting by Discover America Canada’s Sana Keller.

Fairley, who was the long-time vice-president for the Ontario Motor Coach Association (OMCA) and active member of Discover America Canada’s board, passed away on May 14, 2017 at the age of 46.

In a moving tribute, Keller said that Fairley “brought joy, love and laughter to everything she did” and lived her life “with complete and utter passion,” and she never complained.

As she battled her illness, Keller said, Fairley became an outspoken advocate in efforts to raise awareness of colon cancer and the benefits of early testing and early detection.

On Sat., July 16, 2017, a Celebration of Ann’s life will take place at the Army Navy Club at 128 Broadview Avenue in Toronto.

The celebration begins at 6:30 pm.

Taking care of business

Discover America Canada’s Sue Webb offered members an update on the group’s recent and upcoming activities, telling them about the new web site – http://www.discoveramericacanada.org – the record turnout by Canada at this year’s International Pow Wow in Washington, D.C. and advising that Discover America Canada Day is set for Sept. 25 in Toronto.

Seen in the photo, from left to right, are Discover America Canada’s Sue Webb; the Canadian Tourism Research Institute’s Jennifer Hendry; and the Globe & Mail’s Mark Iker.

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