New poll taps into top stress points for Canadian business travellers

A new poll by Corporate Traveller Canada paints a vivid picture of the strains facing Canadian business travellers as they deal with rising travel costs and the introduction by some airlines of surge pricing policies on checked baggage, and new paid seat options.

Schedule disruptions are the top source of anxiety for 45% of business travellers, while 44% are feeling the financial burden of rising travel expenses, and 42% are experiencing stress due to economic uncertainty.

These factors make it clear that the demands of business travel are weighing heavily on Canadian corporate flyers. At a time when business travel bookings have increased by 10% compared to last year, according to Corporate Traveller’s own tracking, this underscores a need for more streamlined, carry-on-focused travel tactics.

Chris Lynes, Managing Director for Corporate Traveller, observed that: “Business travel today demands more than just showing up to meetings and networking; it’s about optimizing every aspect of the trip.”

And he advised that: “Adopting carry-on-only travel and choosing strategic flight times are effective ways to enhance airport experiences, ensuring both cost savings and reduced stress.”

Some of the trips for Canadian corporate travellers include:

  • Maximize Your Carry-On: Get the most out of your carry-on by choosing airlines that allow up to 14kg, with the option to add more if needed. Buying extra space online is cheaper than at the airport. Check size allowances beforehand; they vary but can save on check-in fees.
  • Choose Amenities-Rich Hotels: Pick accommodations offering amenities like premium toiletries and gym facilities, which can significantly lighten packing lists.
  • Flight Strategy: Always aim to book direct flights when available to avoid unnecessary layovers and delays, advises Lynes. Direct flights help you reach your destination quicker, allowing for more time to prepare, relax, or engage in your intended business activities.
  • Scheduling Smart: Considering travel timing can make a world of difference. “Flying in on Sunday can introduce a blend of leisure and business, potentially cutting costs and easing Monday rush,” Lynes points out.
  • Lounge Access: Lynes suggest that a quality travel credit card offers more than points; look for one that includes airport lounge access, providing a sanctuary from crowded gate areas.
  • Loyalty Pays: Enroll in airline and hotel loyalty programs. Simple steps like inputting your member number can unlock future savings and enhance overall travel experiences.
  • Professional Insight: Don’t overlook the value of a seasoned travel expert. Corporate Traveller knows how to handle challenging travel needs of industries like manufacturing, mining, and construction, helping make trips more efficient and less expensive, focusing on what businesses need the most.

As Canadian businesses adjust to new travel trends, using these tips can help save money and make trips more useful. For travellers, staying ahead means easier, less stressful travel ready to meet today’s business needs.

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