New Protocols From Palladium

In order to continue offering travellers a pleasant and carefree vacation and to protect its collaborators, Palladium Hotel Group has created a new security and welfare protocol to ensure that its 48 establishments, both in the Americas and in Europe, continue to be safe environments.

This protocol, which implements the instructions and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the expert authorities of the six countries in which we operate, includes new rules and procedures, as well as improvements in the standards in terms of safety, quality, hygiene and health of all the Spanish hotel group’s properties.

For the development of these measures, the company has created the Palladium Hotel Group Global Customer Experience and Safety Council, which will be chaired by Raúl Benito, Group Chief Operating Officer, and composed of Chief Operating Officers, Commercial Directors, Quality Directors, and Food & Beverage Directors of all company brands and hotels in all countries, as well as independent Technical Advisors.

Raúl Benito, president of the Global Security Council and Chief Operating Officer of the group, said that: “During our 50 years of history, our highest priority has been people and we have always striven to preserve their well-being. For this reason, in these moments in which it is key to quickly adapt to the new reality that surrounds us, we have carried out an exhaustive analysis in collaboration with certified external laboratories for the implementation of this new hygienic-sanitary protocol that was born with the aim of offering full health and safety guarantees for both our collaborators and clients and that they, in turn, can continue to enjoy a stay full of experiences.”

Through this committee, the company will ensure the strict compliance with new standards in hotels and adapting their implementation based on the needs of customers and each establishment, as well as the legislation valid in each country in which the group operates.

Within the new measures of the Palladium Hotel Group, improvements in the cleaning and disinfection processes are contemplated, with hand sanitizer located in all areas, the incorporation of new materials and protection systems, capacity control and safety distances that it would be of at least 2 m (6.5 ft.) between family units, as well as the use of reservations for different areas and the adaptation of the restaurant service with schedules promoting room service, a la carte service and show cooking with individual portions.

On the other hand, in the continuous quest of Palladium Hotel Group to innovate and equip its hotels with the best technology, the company plans to have new disinfection systems, to encourage customers to check-in and check-out online and to promote the use of digital information via our applications such as the hotel information, web portal, and television.

Likewise, employees will have a specific training plan and a guide of good practices for clients, suppliers and collaborators will be established.

All these actions, among others, are those that the Palladium Hotel Group intends to incorporate under the firm commitment of maintaining excellence in the product and service that characterizes the group while always considering the health regulations of each country. All of this contributes to the goal of guests and collaborators being protected and cared for as if they were at home

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