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New solution from Travelport

Canadian travel agents report that they’re saving time, while increasing both their efficiency and accuracy by using the newly launched Travelport Ticket Exchange Solution. Travelport’s new application, available to Apollo-connected travel agents, quickly and effectively guides travel consultants through the ticket exchange process. According to Michael Bayda, owner and manager of Saskatchewan-based Lobstick Travel: “I just have to pass on a huge thank you to Galileo for the Travelport Ticket Exchange software. I had a simple exchange to do this morning and my math was 100% correct, but the dang thing would not exchange due to some negative taxes that were a mystery to me. To make a long story short, I had a choice to call Galileo Support or download the ticket exchange software. The download and set-up was super easy and the program worked like a charm. We had a group of agents doing the dance of joy in the office. I just wanted to thank you for probably the most important upgrade/software that Galileo has offered in the past 20 years.” David Elmy, president, The Travel Group, said: “As a beta participant in the delivery of this app, The Travel Group had the opportunity to work with Travelport on the design and implementation of Travelport Ticket Exchange. Travelport’s willingness to involve us, listen to our feedback, and craft an application that truly works the way we need it to work was just outstanding.” Elmy added that: “The Travelport Ticket Exchange App is a fantastic tool for quickly processing exchanges. It is an elegant solution to handling all those tricky cases where there are tax differences. This saves agents between 10 to 30 minutes time, per ticket. It could not be easier to use. Before this, only our most experienced agents handled exchanges, but with this app even a junior agent can handle most ticket exchanges.” Travelport Ticket Exchange benefits include: !!!! Whether positive or negative values, exchanges are auto-calculated without user intervention; no green screen commands or formatting required in the process. !!! It reduces processing time by automating calculations and displaying values. !!! It provides flexibility to make changes prior to exchange commitment by navigating forward and backward through the exchange process. !!! It can be used as a calculator tool to quote cost-of-change to the customer. Maurita Baker, country manager, Canada for Travelport, pointed out that: “The Travelport Ticket Exchange app has really been a game-changer for our customers delivering significant efficiencies. We created it to help the agency community increase efficiency and accuracy in the ticket exchange process and we’re pleased to be able to make this available to them at no extra charge.” The Travelport Ticket Exchange application is available now for free download. Travelport-connected agents in Canada can learn more about this time saving solution by going to ASK Travelport. Installation and User Guide — English ASK answer 37323 and French ASK answer 38246. For more on Travelport, go to .

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