Good Travel News!

websiiteLaunch-dailyItemWelcome to the new website! Over the past many months at Baxter Travel Media, a team of researchers, analysts, programmers, designers and editorial experts have brought their research and expertise to the table where they developed the new website and Press Today newsletter. Although it may look it, it’s not just another pretty site. The months of research in the field have unveiled new technologies and user functionalities that allow us to bring you the news, special features and other content relevant to your business everyday, all the time in a customized format to your liking. Our experience takes us back to 1996 when we launched our first travel industry website, Travel Universe. While ahead of its time in that decade, it was the creative graphics that brought our readers in. With the subsequent morphing into, ‘interactive’ became the new thing and it was incorporated into that new design. All along, it’s our content that keeps you coming back. And in our 2013 re-design, we have made sure that we continue to deliver the news to you everyday, all day. Check out the image window. That’s where we post our Lede Story, Feature Story, Pix of the Trade and when needed, Breaking News. Aside from the easy to use category menu, quick search functions and the many more features that you will discover by intuitive selection, and Press Today are ‘responsive’. If you don’t know what that is, just go to your iPhone, iPad, generic device or even your Blackberry and call up our website or newsletter. No more scrolling or pressing the down button for time on end. So now you can read the news anytime, anywhere and from any device you prefer. Lots of things are happening behind the scenes of that make it all work for you. We encourage you to explore our new website and newsletter and be responsive. Remember to keep checking during the day so you don’t miss a thing. As always, your comments are important to us and very welcome., now…Good travel news even faster!