Goway Travel has launched new itineraries for exploring what the operator describes as Latin America\’s \”most misunderstood\” destination. There\’s no denying Colombia has stories, and not all of them are happy. Yet were it not for the troubles of its past, this multilayered country would be one of the world\’s most popular destinations. Leaving behind its outdated reputation, today\’s Colombia is keen to share itself through stories — and there are many to be found.

Don Forster, product and marketing manager for Goway\’s Latin America division, observes, \”Lack of knowledge about Colombia, combined with the historic civil conflict, kept travellers away. All this has changed and Colombia is now one of the most sought after South American destinations.\”

With that in mind, Goway has added two new Colombia tours to its line-up which include Essential Colombia and Coast, Coffee, Culture, Colombia.
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