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Nexion acquires majority stake in Uniglobe Instant Travel

Texas-based Nexion, which bills itself as the travel industry’s premier host travel agency, has signed a purchase agreement to acquire a majority share of Uniglobe Instant Travel Inc., a London, Ont.-based travel agency. Operating in Canada since 1982, Uniglobe Instant has actively engaged Independent Contractors (ICs) since 1998. The acquisition and move into Canada will enable Nexion to partner with an established Canadian travel agency and begin replicating its successful and award-winning host agency concept for independent travel agents throughout the country. Nexion will operate Nexion Canada through the London office currently owned by entrepreneur Mike Foster. Foster has been a Uniglobe franchisee for 31 years and credits that affiliation for much of his business success, however once the acquisition closes at the end of January, Foster will cease the agency’s affiliation with the franchisor and operate under the Nexion Canada brand. Foster will be a partner of the new company and will serve as president of Nexion Canada reporting to Nexion president Jackie Friedman. No further details on the transaction will be provided. “By partnering with Mike Foster’s highly reputable and established Ontario travel agency business, Nexion will be able to serve Canada’s growing number of independent travel agents nationally. We look forward to providing them with access to Nexion’s award-winning training ranging from coaching to Boot Camps, along with marketing, cruise group space and technology platforms,”said Friedman. “Hosting is all we do, thus enabling our primary focus to remain clear: work with independent contractors in helping them build their businesses and be more profitable. Through our ‘new’ Nexion Canada head office – strategically located in Ontario where more than 50% of all Canadian travel agents are based – we’ll be able to offer them local support through an immensely experienced management team that’s uniquely Canadian.”Founded as a host agency in 1995, Nexion currently hosts over 3,300 ICs – corporate and leisure alike – throughout the United States. In 2010, Nexion was acquired from Sabre Holdings by Tzell, a New York City-based travel agency powerhouse with sales approaching US$1.5 billion last year. Tzell is part of Minnesota-headquartered Travel Leaders Group, which ranks among North America’s top five traditional travel agency enterprises and enjoyed approximately $18 billion in annual sales volume in 2012 through its wholly owned, franchised and member operations. Travel Leaders Group’s other operations in Canada currently include the Cruise Holidays franchise brand and the consortium. However, the addition of Uniglobe Instant marks Travel Leaders Group’s first majority-owned IATA-accredited agency in Canada. Nexion is encouraging agents to join its team. Those interested can call 1-800-747-6813 or e-mail .

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