Agents' Choice 2020

Nexion Canada Boosts Agents’ Online Options


Nexion Canada agents now have three options for building websites – a micro-site, a personal site in conjunction with Nexion Canada or building their own website independently.

The first is a fully designed and ready to use micro-site featuring the travel agent’s business and is an included benefit for all Nexion Canada agents. The second option is a more robust personalized site, built at a discounted rate when using Nexion Canada’s preferred Web developer – this site allows Nexion Canada staff to populate the website with content relevant to each agent’s business. The third option allows Nexion agents to build and manage their own website.

“A strong online presence is an integral part of doing business today. It’s where our agents make their first impression with clients and potential clients,” said Mike Foster, president of Nexion Canada. “The response to this technology offering we’ve developed for our members has been tremendous. I highly encourage all Nexion Canada members who want to start or improve their online presence to take advantage of this complementary opportunity.”

One of the many benefits to this offering is that Nexion Canada agents don’t need to have any website management experience to keep their site up to date. The micro-site and co-operative-build options allow Nexion Canada’s member services team to continually update agent’s sites directly with information about destinations, travel news, special offers and more.

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