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Nexion Canada on target with new program


Nexion Canada has announced the release of its OnTarget program, an exclusive interactive online marketing centre. A complimentary service to Nexion Canada agents, OnTarget offers social media and e-mail marketing solutions, providing agents maximum reach in communicating with their clients. The OnTarget e-mail marketing and content library modules are available for immediate use, while the option to subscribe to automated social media posts will be accessible to Nexion Canada agents in early 2014.

“One of the many reasons why agents place their trust in Nexion Canada is because we offer unique marketing programs that make it easier to obtain new clients and communicate with their existing database,” said Nexion Canada President, Mike Foster. “The OnTarget program is a great tool for our agents to supply videos, articles and pre-written content. We know that our agents’ needs vary, so they also have the ability to ‘opt in’ to any or all of the three modules, so it’s completely customizable.”

The three OnTarget modules provide e-mail marketing, access to a content library, and the option to subscribe to automated social media posts – providing Nexion Canada agents with the following: Flexible message delivery through e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and blogs; Access to educational, informative and promotional content; Ability to promote Nexion Canada supplier offers; E-mail marketing tools integrated with ClientBase profiles.


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