London, Ontario-based Nexion Canada has received official regulatory approval from Consumer Protection British Columbia (CPBC) to begin conducting business there, which includes the recruiting of experienced travel agents. In turn, those agents will be effectively aligned with Nexion Canada, which will serve as their “host agency.” All British Columbian travel agents residing there can now join Nexion Canada.

“Nexion Canada is officially open for business in British Columbia, and now that we’ve received approval and licensing from Consumer Protection British Columbia, we’re thrilled that we can start hosting travel agents from throughout the province, effective immediately,” explained Mike Foster, president of Nexion Canada, which offers experienced travel consultants a multitude of benefits such as the opportunity to increase earnings, expand their network, develop skills, improve efficiency, and build their own travel agency business. “Not only does this mean that any agent living in BC can now join us, it also makes it easier for any individual who would like to have their own home-based travel business to do so. That’s because we have now made it easier to be licensed both in cost and processes associated with the CPBC.”

In British Columbia, all travel agencies must be approved and registered with the CPBC to operate and conduct business in the province. While Nexion Canada remains a relatively new name in travel throughout most of Canada (there are currently no operations in Quebec), it has operated since 1982. The travel agency’s name was changed to Nexion Canada when it was acquired in January by Texas-based Nexion, LLC.

According to officials, agents who join Nexion Canada will benefit from the host agency’s strong relationships with both Canadian and US preferred suppliers. Nexion Canada agents can earn up to 80% commissions and are paid twice monthly via direct deposit. Among the many benefits agents will enjoy as part of Nexion Canada: the opportunity to book into Nexion Canada’s cruise block space; a free consumer web site with lead-generation capability; numerous, weekly, training opportunities on various programs, supplier products and soft skills; access to the Webview agent intranet portal, its robust agent-to-agent social networking site called “Nexion Town,” and its ClientBase Online customer relationship management tool; an invitation to attend the annual “CoNexion” conference in Las Vegas; optional access to Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre GDS’ and Nexion’s SNAP! (Simple Nexion Air Program) booking tool for air, car, and hotel reservations; access to Nexion’s US-based parent company’s Worldwide Hotel Program; and access to marketing support through affiliation with North America’s largest travel agency consortium — ([email protected])