NexionTown Keeps ‘Townies’ in Touch


Nexion has relaunched its “NexionTown” social networking community.

As part of Nexion’s company-wide technology initiative announced in October at CoNexion, NexionTown is the first major completed portion of the project now available to Nexion Canada members.

The completely revamped NexionTown makes it easier for Nexion Canada agents to stay connected and collaborate with other Nexion and Nexion Canada agents, select suppliers and Nexion staff.

NexionTown has been designed to be similar to other social media platforms, but with its own distinct Nexion flair. As with most social media platforms, users set up a personal profile, follow other users, join groups and have the ability to post information to their profile that appears on their followers’ personalized feeds. Upon logging in, NexionTown users, or “Townies,” immediately see featured blog posts written by other agents or Nexion staff, as well as featured events and important information about the world of travel.

As Nexion Canada agents explore the site, they will discover opportunities to collaborate with each other. Townies can join or start a group based around a specific topic, association or geographic location, post a question to the community or commit to attending future events. The platform also breaks down geographic boundaries, allowing agents to connect from wherever they’re based throughout the United States and Canada.