North Bay On Show As Host Of GTFF 2023

The Global Tourism Film Festival shorts and feature film roster conjures up a thrilling journey of worldwide discovery. From the multicultural and majestic geographic diversity of Canada; to trekking lush forests of Brazil and breathtaking Himalayan mountains; to seeking the ancient Pyramids of Egypt and uncovering the lands of Vikings; to sub-marine worlds of the Australian great barrier reef; to unearthing cosmopolitan gems of Singapore; to expeditions through the plains of Africa and the stark polar wilderness of the Arctic, GTFF brings the world to North Bay.

Enhanced by presentations from the National and Regional Tourism Boards of Canada, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America, the one-of-a-kind film festival allows participants to get inspired to see the world and get the absolute insiders’ perspective of the destinations, including upcoming attractions, to get out and explore.

For Filmmakers, GTFF 2023 and its presentation partners, consisting of Canadian and Ontario Film Boards, open the door to discovering the multifaceted filmmaking opportunities provided by the province for filming in Northern Ontario.

Independent features screened and highlighted during the festival include ‘Superheroes’. directed by Paolo Genovese, ‘Kumari’ directed by Nimal Sahadev, ‘Monkey Beach’ directed by L. Sarah Todd, ‘Blueback’ directed by Robert Connolly, ‘Tears of Persephone’ directed by Teppei Isobe, Yasuaki Genda, and the Northern Ontario filmed feature; ‘The Protector’, directed by Lenin M. Sivam, amongst festival selections.

GTFF 2023 is held in association with the City of North Bay, Ontario with activities at Canadore College. Nestled between two of Northeastern Ontario’s most stunning lakes and surrounded by forests, North Bay, the ‘Gateway to the North’, is surrounded by the beauty of nature, art, and culture. Visitors for GTFF 2023 receive a taste of Northern Ontario beauty, and can partake independently in North Bay and regional activities, such as trekking the Canadian Shield, experiencing Duchesnay Falls, as well as indulge in delectable gastronomic offerings from restaurants during GTFF, with a dining guide available to attendees.

“On behalf of City Council and the community, we look forward to welcoming GTFF organizers and attendees to North Bay,” said North Bay Mayor, His Worship, Peter Chrico.

Hon. Vic Fedeli, Ontario Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade continued “We’re thrilled to be hosting this year’s festival here in North Bay, a thriving hub for film and tourism. A sincere thank you to everyone who is working hard to ensure that Ontario is a global leader in the film and tourism industries.”

“The film and tourism industries bring good jobs and provide an economic boost to our province,” added Hon. Neil Lumsden, Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. “I encourage everyone to make a trip out to North Bay to support this terrific festival and enjoy the films and destination seminars.”

“Filmmaking and tourism are key economic drivers and they are also two industries that tell our story to the world. The Global Tourism Film Festival is an excellent opportunity to bring the world to Canada through a series of shorts and feature films, all while showcasing the best that the City of North Bay has to offer. Residents and visitors alike should not miss out on this incredible chance to immerse themselves in our fantastic outdoor, authentic Indigenous experiences, and so much more! To everyone who took part into making this event happen, congratulations!” said Hon. Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance.

“Thank you for the wonderful City of North Bay and GTFF for hosting this incredible event and for supporting both the film industry and the tourism industry” said Ontario Premier, Hon. Doug Ford, “This is a great opportunity for visitors to take in all that the city has to offer; experience the beauty of Northern Ontario and enjoy some great films.”

GTFF is a Film Festival presenting films which have the power to raise awareness about the vital role destinations play in the success of cinema and television. GTFF, is produced to be held in support of tourism destinations and local economies dependent on tourism. A portion of Festival profits are donated to sustainable tourism initiatives.

GTFF 2023 is held April 27-30 at Canadore College, 100 College Drive, North Bay, Ontario.

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