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Norway Proudly Promotes its Lack of Nightlife

24 Hours of Sunshine Puts Nightlife Under the Midnight Sun

Forget adventures in the dark and prepare yourself for the fun in the sun as during the summer months in Norway, day follows day, follows day, follows day. But with all this daylight, what happens to the night?

Visit Norway and Scandinavian Airlines are going out on a limb with an unconventional approach to promoting Norway’s iconic endless nights and partnering together this summer to show why Norway’s “lack of nightlife” is a major reason to visit. In engaging visitors to explore all the reasons why it is a good thing that Norway has “no nightlife,” they are positioning the country’s natural beauty in a whole new light (pun intended).

The midnight sun occurs north of the Arctic Circle, with 24 hours of daylight throughout the summer months. In Norway’s northernmost stretches, visitors can witness this magical event from as early as April right up until late August. Even Norway’s more southerly destinations will experience extended twilight during the height of summer, meaning there’s no actual darkness to interrupt schedules. From swimming or hiking, to road-tripping or dining al fresco, endless summer days means endless possibilities.

According to Visit Norway’s director of tourism Bente Holm, “We are telling the world that Norway, for the summer months at least, has ‘no nightlife.’ This is an attention-grabbing proposition that has real edge, that we think will give us the opportunity to talk about the extended hours of daylight and how enriching this can be, while connecting with audiences in a way that will be more salient when making their travel decisions.“

Will Reed, head of international marketing, SAS, comments, “It’s never been easier to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the midnight sun, with SAS offering a wide selection of destinations across Norway, including to the popular Lofoten Islands or Svalbard, both ideal for enjoying natural light in combination with the country’s stunning nature, great cultural events and mouth-watering dining experiences.”

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