Not All Cancellations Are Equal

A Conversation With Bottle Rocket’s Peter Klayman

“Travel and tourism businesses need to work hard to protect their reputations and maintain loyalty in the face of disruptions that are out of their control. Under normal circumstances, customers are not going to blame the air carrier for delays getting through security and the like,” explains Peter Klayman, Director of Business Strategy for Bottle Rocket Studios.

However, Klayman continues: “When we’re seeing mass flight cancellations …. customers are absolutely going to blame the airline not just for the flight cancellation, but for all delays within the airport that are actually due to wider labour shortages.”

But he also makes it clear that: “Not all cancellations are equal. For example, if a company is able to provide a strong customer interaction even in a moment of cancellation, they will have a far higher likelihood of customer longevity than those who cannot provide those interactions.”

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