Nova Scotia travel advisors get the scoop on BermudAir

BermudAir hosted a business development briefing event in Halifax, Dartmouth for 30 travel agents from the Nova Scotia region recently.

Attendees from agencies such as CAA, Maritime Travel, Travello, CWT – Harvey, ECS (Expedia Cruise Ships), ATA Travel, TPI, TLN, and United Travel gathered to learn more about BermudAir’s services and upcoming plans.

The airline collaborated with travel sales and distribution partner Discover the World to host the event.

Leslie Peden, BermudAir’s new Senior Vice President of Sales and Development, said: “The enthusiastic group of Nova Scotia-based travel agents expressed great interest in BermudAir’s offerings and the potential to partner with BermudAir to generate further business on their Halifax to Bermuda service.”

Peden continued: “They were particularly excited by the announcement of additional Wednesday flights starting July 10th, increasing service to twice weekly with the existing Saturday flight which began on May 25th 2024.”

The event highlighted BermudAir’s commitment to enhancing travel options for Halifax, fostering strong relationships with travel partners, and providing exceptional service to passengers.

BermudAir operates service to destinations in the U.S. East Coast and Canada. Travel agencies interested in establishing relationships with BermudAir can contact them via email on [email protected]

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Travel agents from the Nova Scotia region with Ernesto D’Alessandro, Regional Sales Manager, Discover the World (centre, kneeling) at BermudAir’s business development briefing event this week in Halifax Dartmouth.