LAM Mozambique Airlines Now In BSP Canada

AirlinePros Canada Inc. reports that LAM Moçambique (IATA: TM/068) is now an active member of BSP Canada and has appointed AirlinePros to take of its day-to-day services in Canada.

“LAM  has opted for mass e-plating (general concurrence) so that all fully IATA registered travel organizations in Canada may start issuing tickets on the TM e-cip without further delay.”

LAM Moçambique has appointed AirlinePros Canada to oversee BSP Coordination effective June 2022.

At this time, TM can be booked in Amadeus(1A) and Sabre(1S) GDS systems, and is “cash-only” FOP for now.

TM will be progressively introducing credit card acceptance (VI/MC) as forms of payment. An upcoming announcement will be made when this has been finalized.

Karl Müller, Canada Director of AirlinePros, said: “As we slowly emerge into a post-pandemic era, the Southern Africa region has experienced a rapid growth in Business related travel and and a growing booking curve for leisure-tourism focused itineraries. Ongoing bilateral business activities by Canadian entities centered around mining, infrastructure projects, NGO’s and the energy segment will be of special interests to those that require regional connections destined in and around Mozambique. LAM operates a growing route network that is appealing, along with offering accessible published airfares.”

TM maintains a diversified route network that connects Mozambique with various destination across Africa and beyond where their Interline/codeshare partners are active We look forward to supporting LAM Mozambqiue in achieving their market objectives.”

For more, agents can contact: [email protected] or [email protected] or at 1-877-277-8183