And Now A Word From TICO


A bit of a follow up and clarification from an item in yesterday’s Press Today on changes to the Ontario Travel Industry. (Click here to see that story)

TICO president & CEO, Richard Smart told PT that the Dec. 3, 2016 deadline referred to in the story applies to the survey recently released by the Ontario government. ( To go to the survey, click here )

This survey targets both consumers and registrants and seeks input related to the comprehensive review underway.

And all of the results will be compiled by the government and shared with the public early in the New Year.

However, Smart pointed out that there remains plenty of time for both consumers and registrants to provide further input into this review.

TICO will continue its Open Forum Information Sessions, including a number of sessions planned for December, and also in additional meetings early in the New Year.

The provincial government is also planning a series of Town Hall meetings in the New Year – times and venues to be shared shortly.

In short, Smart said, both the Ontario government and TICO wish to hear from as many consumers and registrants as possible.

As well, the public and registrants can submit any direct input/feedback directly to the government’s live email site at [email protected] . All submissions are confidential.

The upshot, Smart said is that “there will be ample time to engage all interested parties in the weeks and months ahead.”

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