Oaxaca Has It All


The head of the Huatulco Hotel Association says the surrounding state of Oaxaca can somewhat be viewed as Mexico in a nutshell. “Oaxaca, for me, is like a mini-Mexico,” Pia Oberholzer said during a Toronto visit Thursday. “You have beaches, mountains, a lot of culture and a lot of history – pre-Hispanic and colonial history.”

The Pacific-fronting resort destination of Huatulco has nine bays, three of them found in a national park and totally off limits to development, while two others have restaurants but no hotels as only limited development is permitted in them.

Oberholzer said Oaxaca is arguably “the most authentic state in Mexico,” and has archeological sites, museums and arts and crafts shops tourists will appreciate.

Another popular Oaxaca destination is Puerto Escondido, which began life as a fishing village but which is now attracting surfers from around the world because of its waves, Oberholzer noted.

Oberholzer added that Puerto Escondido has laid-back hotels and resorts.

Seen here are Miguel Narvaez, Bareclo Huatulco Beach; Pablo Martinez of Huatulco’s Hotel Bahia; Laetitia Laruelle, Ministry of Tourism, State of Oaxaca; Oberholzer; Erika Esteves Sotres, Camino Real Zaashila, Huatuclo; and Cristina Alvaradejo, Mexico Tourism Board.

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