Oceania introduces customized web site for agents

Travel agents will now have the tools to create their own dedicated Oceania Cruises web site, at no charge, featuring all of the upper-premium line’s itineraries, fares, availability and special offers. Designed to help increase visibility online, deepen customer relationships and grow sales, Oceania Cruises’ new Co-Branded Agency Website Program provides agents and agencies with a more personal approach to interacting with their clients. The site can be customized with the agency’s logo, contact and profile information, quote forms, and more. The site is maintained by Oceania Cruises, ensuring that itineraries, fares and availability and special offers are accurate and up-to-date. All of the information gathered from potential clients on their co-branded web site is confidential to the agent and/or agency and will not be shared with Oceania Cruises. To create a site, agents should visit http://cms.worldvacationsgroup.net/signup/oceania and fill out the request form. Agents will receive a notification within approximately 48 hours confirming that the site has gone live. There is no cost to participate. (http://www.OceaniaCruises.com)