Off The Beaten Track

Exodus Travels believes cold weather is hot.
Sasha Andrews, who works in sales and marketing for the adventure travel company, notes Exodus has been offering winter itineraries for over 10 years but this year sees new ones, such as an “off-the-beaten path ski tour in Norway” and expects to see more people visiting the likes of Iceland when winter rolls around, reports Ian Stalker in Canadian Travel Press’ annual Hot Issue.
“In the past, these trips were only popular among our European clients. However, we’re experiencing a growing number of Canadians who are seeking out alternative ways to have fun in wintery holiday locations,” Andrews says. “You won’t find generic skiing holidays or standard snowboarding breaks here. Our travellers escape the crowds, rather than join them.”
Andrews says Exodus cold-weather trips can offer the likes of cross-country skiing, dog-sledding or snowshoeing.
Iceland is traditionally viewed as a summer destination but Andrews says it is welcoming a growing number of people wanting to see the Northern Lights and climb on snow-covered glaciers.
Contiki Holidays spokeswoman Erica Adelson says that tour operator is seeing more of its youthful clientele work their way into Europe’s eastern regions, specifically the Balkans.
“Outstanding value, unique cultures and several nations close together [making it easy to visit several nations on the same trip] makes this a perfect region for both first-time travellers or those already familiar with Western Europe,” she says.
Balkans tourism attributes include the “gorgeous walled city of Dubrovnik,” featured in the popular show Game of Thrones; Belgrade nightlife; and historic sights in Sarajevo, Adelson continues.
Sally Mikhail of GM Tours lists a host of places she says will prove popular in the coming year, among them Croatia, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and Morocco.
“They offer so much in terms of family adventures, and for those who like to go off on their own every now and then. There are desert adventures, golf, shopping, festivals and of course great food,” Mikhail says.
Mikhail says Egypt, which has seen its tourism trade struggle in the past few years, is rebounding, and those visiting that country can view reminders of Christianity’s early days, archeological sites and cultural icons.
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