On The Edge Of Greatness

From a generation often criticized for being lazy and entitled, this year’s Baxter Student Ambassadors are proof that they are anything but, writes Ashley Rochefort in this special issue of Travel Courier.

Ambitious, determined, and organized, this group of recent graduates is hungry for opportunity and ready to work. “I always put 110% into whatever I am pursuing,” said Hayley Johnson-Skinner, the 20-year-old Baxter Ambassador from Ryerson University. “Whether it’s school, work, or my BSAP presentation, I love the reward that comes from hard work.”

The only program of its kind in Canada, the Baxter Student Ambassador Program (BSAP) was built to identify and encourage the very best emerging talent from travel, tourism and hospitality programs across Canada.

Talent like Dani Berezowsky, who is this year’s Ambassador from Georgian College, winner of the Baxter Media internship, and the definition of cool, confident, and coordinated, “I am always ahead of deadlines, am known for organizing everything, and dress for the job I want, not for the job I have.”

Based on a combination of academic success, community involvement, leadership skills, and a skill-testing webinar presentation, one student from each of this year’s 15 participating colleges and universities is selected as the Baxter Student Ambassador to represent their school.

“With the help of our sponsors and industry partners, we’re able to empower these elite graduates with life-changing travel, internship, and networking opportunities to give them the head start they deserve,” explains Wendy McClung, Executive VP at Baxter Media and BSAP Director.

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