On The Road To Recovery

From the CDC updating its travel advice to the ongoing vaccine rollout and news of cruise lines resuming operations, the future is starting to look brighter each day for the travel industry.

During this pivotal time, Caitlin Lajeunesse of Vacations by Caitlin, Jennifer Gaskell of Pink Palm Travel and industry veteran Geraldine Ree, who recently penned a book geared at helping advisors rebound, share some strategies for success going forward.

Get ready for what’s next!

Over the course of the pandemic, Caitlin Lajeunesse of Vacations by Caitlin with Independent by Flight Centre made it a priority to remain connected with clients and future clients through Instagram and newsletters.

“It has been important to keep travel dreams alive and I wanted the message to be clear, I am riding out this storm and will be here on the other side,” says Lajeunesse, who specializes in luxury beach vacations. “I want to make sure I am front of mind when people are ready to start thinking about their next tropical getaway, and also that I am up to the minute informed on the ever-changing landscape of travel.”

And that time has started to come, as she recently secured her 40th room booking for fall and winter travel.

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