One ID: A Step Closer To Reality

End-to-end seamless travel across borders came a step closer to reality when IATA member airlines meeting in Seoul for this year’s AGM unanimously resolved to accelerate the global implementation of the One ID initiative, which will be based on a single biometric identifier to move passengers through airports without the need for paper travel documents.

Prior to the vote, IATA director general Alexandre de Juniac told delegates, “One ID will boost efficiency from check-in to boarding to the benefit of passengers, airports and control authorities.”

“To make this happen we must work with governments to agree global standards, harmonize approaches, sort out privacy issues, integrate with existing infrastructure and agree to the implementation process,” explained de Juniac.

And he added, “Every traveller will appreciate the convenience of getting from the curb to the gate without ever having to show a paper passport or boarding pass.”

Pierre Charbonneau, IATA’s director of passenger experience and facilitation told an AGM press briefing, “Our vision is a paperless future where your face is all you need to travel around the world safely and securely and this could happen tomorrow if there’s the will.”

He declared, “It’s a no-brainer because every party benefits. For instance, One-ID means arriving and departing passengers could co-mingle, freeing up airport space and 65% of surveyed passengers said they’d do anything to improve the current process.”

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