Travelport has unveiled the beta launch of Travelport Marketplace — an online retail site designed for Travelport\’s customers to browse, discover and access innovative products built both by Travelport and partner developers who are members of the Travelport Developer Network (TDN).
Chris Zando, vice-president, global partnerships, alliances & regional product management, said: \”The Marketplace is part of the ongoing evolution of the Travelport Developer Network and the commitment we have to the third party developer community.\”
Travelport Marketplace provides TDN members with a marketplace to promote and sell their products and services to 67,000 Travelport-connected agencies globally. A key component of Travelport\’s Open Platform strategy, Travelport Marketplace is designed to help developers build innovative products that work in harmony with Travelport technologies and add value to Travelport-connected travel agencies.
In the future, agencies will find not only companion apps for the company\’s leading agency desktops; Travelport Smartpoint and Travelport Universal Desktop but also a place to discover suitable partners for a broad range of agency IT tools designed to provide improved customer service and create new revenue streams ¹ from internet booking engine providers to mobile app developers.
Phil Donathy, product director, developer tools, Travelport, said: \”We want developers to know about Marketplace. Weãre asking them to provide input and test-drive our platform. In line with our open ethos, we\’re sharing a live working product so the developer community can help shape the direction in advance of a commercial launch to Travelport agency customers in 2014.\”
Check out the Travelport Marketplace web site at .