Onvigo partners with Trees4Travel

Onvigo has partnered with Trees4Travel, a revolutionary company that allows travellers to help understand and reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with Trees4Travel,” said Shean Carmichael, director of operations at Onvigo. “Now, travellers who book with our ITAs (Independent Travel Advisors) can be assured that their dream vacation can also be a force for good!”

About Trees4Travel

Trees4Travel goes beyond simply planting trees. The company understands that reforestation efforts are vital for future generations and carbon draw down.

In support of immediate action to reduce emissions now, Trees4Travel connects each planted tree with a United Nations Certified Emissions Reduction renewable energy project, effectively doubling the positive impact of each trip.

“Collaborating with Onvigo is important for our mission. Our aim is to illuminate the positive potential of travel by cultivating forests which serve to mitigate emissions, rejuvenate biodiversity, and bolster communities in developing nations,” said Trees4Travel cofounder Nico Nicholas. “Moreover, we’re committing to renewable energy initiatives globally. It’s crucial for every
stakeholder in the travel ecosystem, from tourists to operators, to comprehend the ecological footprint left by tourism and to adopt a stance of accountability by making conscientious decisions, taking deliberate actions, and contributing to climate-positive endeavors.”

“We are swiftly expanding our global partnerships to empower travel enterprises and their patrons to adopt a transformative,
regenerative stance in their operations. Through easy, cost-effective, and significant climate contributions, we are facilitating benefits for both the earth and its inhabitants,” added Trees4Travel’s co-founding partner Elkie Nicolas. “Our efforts aid in
advancing nearly 15 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and responsible growth.”

The role of travel agents

The pair believe that travel agents can make “an enormous positive impact” through educating travellers about responsible and regenerative actions.

“They are essentially on the frontline helping travellers make choices, so it is vital that travel agents understand the important role that they have in guiding their clients to make smarter more sustainable choices that benefit rather than damage the earth,” said Nico.

For more information, visit trees4travel.com.