An Optimistic Perspective


Given the benefit of perspective, Christine James, the VP Canada for, has an optimistic view of the future for travel retailers. James is now marking 15 years of executive positions at Vcom, and is doing so with the belief that the days ahead for travel retailing remain bright and undiminished, reports western editor, Ted Davis in this week’s digital edition of Travel Courier.

“There will be continued growth, yes, yes and yes!,” says James. “I see more growth in the retail arena for agents who are willing to focus on their areas of expertise and use the tools available to market their skills to the consumer.”

Like other resilient travel professionals, James’ tenure in the travel industry during the challenging past decade and half is a testament to her business talents and dedication. But by staying with the same organization during those often turbulent years, she has put herself in an even more exclusive class of industry leaders.

James joined in 1999 as business development manager eastern Canada, and was then offered the position as director of national sales, Canada. In 2004, she was promoted to senior director of industry relations responsible for negotiating and managing all Canadian supplier agreements. Her next move was to Vcom’s country manager for Canada in June 2008, and ultimately to VP Canada in 2010.

But a diverse career in other parts of the travel industry prior to joining Vcom gave James the necessary tools to start down her current path. The sum of that previous experience has given her a comprehensive outlook on what it takes to succeed as a travel retailer.

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