Outperforming the Competition


Softvoyage went live this week with a new solution that will provide travel agents with the tools they need to outperform the competition. TripBook is a new post-sale tool in Sirev that agents can access via the My Bookings tab and it has been developed to allow retailers to do additional tasks after the booking is successfully completed.

In announcing TripBook’s launch, Softvoyage officials point out that more than ever, travel agents need software tools that enable them to outperform the competition, maintain a high level of productivity, and that help them keep their edge. And that’s exactly what TripBook is all about – giving agents awesome tools to manage their bookings and inform their customers.

Softvoyage CEO, Steve Ringuet pointed out: “It’s only natural to want to enhance the tools used by travel agents. With TripBook, agents will have a clean dashboard of their booking information and on top of that, will be able to perform many operations, saving valuable time.”

Dan Langevin, vice-president, sales and marketing for Softvoyage told Press Today that agents using TripBook will be able to perform a number of tasks, including:

  • Adding a payment using a secured environment, if only a deposit was provided at the moment of the booking.
  • Accessing the eDocs for participating suppliers (open or send by email).
  • Cancel the booking and the normal cancellation fees will be applied by the supplier.
  • Sending by email the My Booking Summary (with or without the commission amount).
  • Printing the My Booking Summary (with or without the commission amount).
  • Consult and print the supplier hotel description for Packages.
  • Consult and print the Google Maps and the points of interest for the property.
  • Consult and print the Travel Guide available on SIREV for the destination.
  • Consult and print the Monarc.ca rating for the property.
  • Add the client email address for Monarc.ca if travel agent has not input the “email for Monarc.ca” field at the moment of a web booking or for all REVNET bookings where this field is not available.

Naturally all information on TripBook is available in English or French.

For more, go to http://www.softvoyage.com .