Palladium Is Raising The Bar

Being in a competitive industry vying for the vacation dollars of travellers with ever-changing wants and needs, Jacques De Paep, Palladium Hotel Group’s commercial director for North America, believes businesses can’t afford to stand still, reports assistant editor, Ann Ruppenstein in this week’s digital edition of Travel Courier.

“You either innovate, expand, move ahead and renovate, or you die,” he tells Travel Courier. “That’s the way it is in our market because the cycle of a hotel is getting shorter and the experiences that the customer expects changes quicker than ever before – and that’s because we’re living in an information era and people learn quicker than our parents did.”

With an ongoing $21 million investment in upgrades across its properties in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico; the rebranding of its adults-only resorts from The Royal Suites by Palladium to TRS Hotels, and the upcoming opening of its most luxurious resorts to date, the company is certainly continuing to evolve.

“Palladium is actually moving ahead, very, very fast and very securely in its footsteps to be a luxury chain,” he says. “We are moving ahead to improve all our products.”

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