Parks Canada: A World of Wonders to Discover

Travel agents are often booking their clients into the major urban centres around Canada. They are often the first stop for vacationers because they are the transportation centres and the hub for many of the most interesting tourist attractions of the province.
At the same time, even while staying primarily in a city, travellers still want to experience the great outdoors.
In every province there is a national part within easy driving distance of its most major city centre. Parks Canada is charged with maintaining these parks and creating a liaisons between the public and the travel trade.

In this issue, Voices of Travel host Ron Pradinuk talks with Guy Theriault, who is the man responsible for travel trade relations and well as public relations for Parks Canada throughout the country.

Together, they’ll discuss some of the national parks that are within easy driving distance of a major city in each province.
Agents will learn about how they can work with Parks Canada and discover how modern today’s national parks are in their offerings to the general public.
Whether its solitude visitors want or a community within a park, listerners learn about them all in this week’s Voices of Travel.