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Partnering To Fight Pollution

Bermuda Resort Teams Up With Seabin Project

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is partnering with the Seabin Project, a pilot program dedicated to sea-cleaning technology.

Sponsored by The Butterfield Group, Bermuda’s official bank, the Seabin apparatus will be installed at the Princess Marina this month, and will automatically begin collecting floating rubbish and fuel runoff to create a cleaner ocean and healthier sea life.

The Marina will be the first in North America and one of 10 locations globally to feature the Seabin technology.

During the test period of three months, data from the collected debris will be analyzed to learn more about pollution and its impact on the environment.

The goal is for additional marinas to follow suit and install Seabins when commercial sales commence later this year.

Go to http://www.thehamiltonprincess.com/ for more.

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