PATA Goes Mobile

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has released PATAmPOWER, a real-time travel data platform that travel industry professionals can use on their mobile devices. PATAmPOWER, which was created in HTML5, can be used on tablets such as the iPad, smart phones and on personal and desktop computers. The latest information such as aviation passenger flows, flight capacity and frequency, hotel occupancy, social data and consumer trends is now available through PATAmPOWER. The data can be shared with fellow employees and colleagues through social media and e-mail. Travel professionals can export PATAmPOWER graphics into reports and presentations. Users can also download or print the info-graphics and data to create their own analysis and reports. “Speed is a competitive advantage,”says PATA CEO Martin Craigs. “No one else in the travel industry in Asia Pacific offers such a mobile yet fully integrated platform of updated travel information. mPOWER exemplifies our commitment to PATA Next Gen services.”PATA says a key benefit of mPower is that it is dynamic and can provide customized information to suit user needs. It is available 24/7, as long as the user has an Internet connection. “We’ve called it ‘mPower’ as the service empowers travel industry professionals 24 hours a day, wherever they are,”said PATA senior director of marketing and membership services, Stu Lloyd. “Imagine sitting in the back of a taxi on the way to a meeting and being able to compare latest market performances or find new emerging markets. PATAmPOWER will do that for you.”The new platform contains a wide selection of data. For example, PATAmPOWER allows users to see visitor expenditure in a given destination, average daily expenditure and expenditure by item (such as meals and shopping). Forecasts of future tourist expenditure in key markets and segments are also presented. Full content in PATAmPOWER is available to all PATA members at until April 20. (Members should register with their PATA membership ID number and e-mail address that they used to create their membership profile in A limited set of information is available to everyone publicly.