PAYMENT ONLINE: AC, Interac connect

Acxsys Corporation and Air Canada teamed up to allow travellers to now purchase tickets and services online for AC using Interac Online. Interac Online allows consumers to shop easily and securely for products and services over the Internet, using funds withdrawn directly from their bank accounts. Canadians who have access to Interac Online through their financial institution can pay using Interac Online when they visit Air Canada’s website — . Interac Online is currently available as a payment option on to customers of BMO Bank of Montreal, RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust. Because payments are conducted through a consumer’s existing online banking account, Interac Online offers consumers privacy, security and spending control. Privacy: financial details, card numbers or login information are not shared with the online retailer. Security: the payment is conducted through online banking, which means the consumer’s financial institution transfers the funds to the online retailer using established and secure banking procedures. It’s also backed by the Interac Zero Liability Policy. Money management: the transaction is immediate using funds available in a consumer’s banking account. For more information about Interac Online, visit .