Perfect Partners

Canadians who travel south for the winter want to be sure they can access the best flights going to the best resorts when selecting their vacation options.

The partnership between Transat and Ocean Resorts brings together two of the best brands in these industry sectors in Canada.

In this week’s issue of Canadian Travel Press, Voices of Travel host, Ron Pradinuk talks with Anna Jimenez Oliveras, market manager for US and Canada for Ocean Hotels by H10, and Susan Kooiman, senior business development representative of Transat Tours Canada.

Together, they talk about the unique and close relationship the two companies have – and what it means for travel agents and their clients.

The recently opened Ocean El Faro in the Uvero Alto region of Dominican Republic is a perfect example of what makes the resort – with 10 restaurants, free WiFi, and All Suite rooms – stand out over and above so many of the rest.

A bowling alley, quality coffee shop, and a restaurant area designed as a community avenue meeting place add to the appeal – making the Ocean Resort concepts both groundbreaking and exciting.

Listeners will be able to explore this resort with Pradinuk and his guests, as well as previewing the opening of the upcoming new Oceans resort in Jamaica – which further reinforces the Transat/Oceans partnership.

And even better, travel agents can book Ocean resorts from most Transat gateways in Canada.