Philadelphia – Where It All Started

Philadelphia tourism officials are inviting people to explore a city that literally dates back to the United States’ earliest days.

Donna Schorr, spokeswoman for Visit Philadelphia, told a Thursday Toronto gathering that her city is steeped in American history, much of which is on display for visitors.

“The U.S. started here,” she said. “Philadelphia is where the first Continental Congress convened and the place where the Declaration of Independence and UJ.S. Constitution were signed.

“In 2015, Philadelphia became the first and only World Heritage City in the U.S., stemming from its indelible imprint on American history and world history.”

Among specific attractions is the Museum of the American Revolution, which “tells the most complete story of the revolution from the perspective of people who lived through it, in the district where it happened.”

Philadelphia’s Historic District has over 300 years of architecture and many of its historic buildings are original.

Schorr added the Philadelphia area is home to Valley Forge National Historic Park, which was where “George Washington and the Continental Army spent harsh winters during the Revolutionary War.”

Schorr also praised Philadelphia’s many public squares, parks and gardens, and said the city is turning unused lots, piers and parks into “activated spaces throughout the city and its waterfronts.”

The evening was also told by Schorr’s colleague Jenea Robinson that Philadelphia sees a large number of festivals each year and the city also has a thriving culinary scene.

Seen here are Kevin Lessard of Visit Philadelphia; Robinson; journalist Drew Lazor; Schorr; Aaron Gordon and Christy DiMatteo of 13th Street Cocktail Catering, who were guiding their guests on making a gin-based drink last night; and Jerry Grymek of LMA, which promotes Philadelphia in this country.