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Pace of play is the number one complaint among golfers, and Princeville\’s Makai Golf Club, managed by Troon Golf, is addressing this issue by incorporating the new \”Troon Values Your Time\” program into their operations, ensuring that all golfers have a thoroughly enjoyable and faster experience on their course.

Alex Nakajima, general manager of the Makai Golf Club, said, \”No one likes their round of golf to drag into five hours or more due to slow players. On the other hand, no golfers believe that they themselves are slow players. The new program provides us a way to communicate a time goal for golfers and keep them on track for everyone\’s benefit.\”

Nakajima continued, \”We are showing golfers it is possible to play the game a little faster and still enjoy it. The \”Troon Values Your Time\” program has been a great success at the course, shaving anywhere from 12 to 30 minutes off a round of golf, and comments from Makai guests regarding the new program have been positive and appreciative.\”
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