Picture Perfect In Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Tourist Board says there’s no reason why a Hong Kong vacation can’t be picture-perfect.

The tourist board recruited two skilled photographers — Hong Kong native Patrick Cheung and Ontario’s Lucan Coutts, who spent a year in Hong Kong — for a Thursday Baxter Media webcast that offered travel agents tips on taking pictures while visiting the Asian destination.

“There are treasures to be found in every Hong Kong neighborhood,” Michael Lim, who oversees the tourist board’s Canadian office, said during the webcast, called Instagrammable Hong Kong.

Linda Ho of the tourist board’s New York office in turn identified the Old Town Central district as one she finds particularly intriguing, saying it’s “full of history and timeless stories.”

The area’s restaurants provide a “melting pot of flavors,” she continued.

Tourists can leave a 100-year-old temple and then discover the city’s “colorful street art,” Ho added.

Coutts identified Kowloon Peak as a preferred Hong Kong setting, while Cheung added he was pleased to be able to use his photography skills “to share the beauty” of Hong Kong with webcast viewers.

The webcast featured a range of images that showcased Hong Kong’s dynamic skyline, cultural landmarks and natural settings, giving webcast viewers a look at Hong Kong’s past, futuristic¬†and largely untouched sides.

The past few years have seen tourism authorities pay increased attention to Hong Kong’s individual and distinctive neighborhoods.

Lim noted Hong Kong is on the verge of gaining two more museums, M+ — opening this year — and the Palace Museum, opening in 2022.

Meanwhile, the webcast drew appreciation from viewers, with Lisa Lau of Okushu Tours among those who praised the “simply amazing” insights it provided into “vibrant” Hong Kong.

You can watch the video of the webcast below: